Firstly don't panic!  We want this to be a lovely, fun couple of hours for your family spending time together and capturing beautiful moments. 


It is however worth putting a little bit of thought into the look and feel go your shoot. No need to go buying everyone new outfits though!  


Some tips which might help:

- Co-ordinated colours work beautifully. Matching outfits not so much if you want a relaxed candid feel. 

- Limit patterns, stripes and spots, as they can be distracting.

- Think Classic; these images will be on your walls or an album and treasured for years to come. By choosing simple, classic clothing you'll help give your images a timeless feel.

- I highly recommend natural fabrics like linen, cotton and/or wool in neutral colours - off white, ivory, taupe, khaki, browns, greys and blues. Add in denim and a splash of colour. I like to suggest looking at a colour wheel and sticking to complementary colours in terms of outfits also using the colour wheel to complement the background. Green grass background works well with warm burnt orange tones for example.

- Accessories add interest to your shots. Perhaps bring along a bag with a selection to choose from if they suit the location. Kids in a straw fedora hat for example can really add personality to your shoot.

- Stay away from characters and logos...your little ones might be going through a Minions phase but you may want to skip it for your photo session

- Consider your home decor. Do you like neutral colours or strong, bold colours? Since you'll be hanging these images in your home you might want to consider this when choosing your clothes for the shoot. 

- Make sure everything is washed and ironed for the day. 


- Consider your nails. Also remove nail polish from your daughter's  nails and remove chunky kids watches or hair bands around wrists  (incase I miss it on the day!) 

- For younger kids bring snacks, wipes and one or two favourite toys to help bring them out of their shell and make them feel comfortable.

If you'd like to do the shoot with music on I can bring a little portable speaker.. If you have a playlist your child likes we can pair your phone to the speaker or I have playlists also. 


Get ready for lots of laughs, cuddles and treasured time together on the day :)

Suz xx