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Dogs On Doorsteps is a feel good, stylish photographic hard copy art book with meaning. A collection of beautiful dogs photographed at their homes during the lockdown period in 2020.


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In a year that has brought challenges to many, my very dear and talented friend, Suzanne Stevenson took on a very personal project of photographing neighbourhood dogs on their front steps. A widely recognized family and canine photographer as well as author of Tails of Mosman, Suzanne continues her love affair with capturing adored canine companions in her latest book, Dogs on Doorsteps.

Born out of circumstance, this book is a wonderful reflection of our furry friends during the period of home isolation. Suzanne’s work is magnetic and her unique ability to capture the character of each beloved dog is a rare talent. 

Guaranteed to deliver joy to all, Dogs on Doorsteps shines a light on the gift of companionship and the therapeutic benefits of dogs in uncertain times. Suzanne very cleverly celebrates the dogs in our community capturing their generosity of spirit, humour and love in her gorgeous images.

Georgina Parry-Okeden